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Virtually 'walk the room' during group activities

submitted by:
Shawna Thomas
Instructional Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering

  September 01, 2020

In my course we do group activities every session. When the students go off into their breakout rooms, it can be hard to gauge how they’re doing and for them to get help. We have the TAs “pop in and out” of breakout rooms during the activity. This helps us read the room, facilitates getting student help, and keeps the students on task, as they don’t know when a TA may pop in. To do this, the TAs need to know to return to the main session after a few minutes and then you can reassign them to a new random room. It also helps to have a communication channel outside of Zoom with the TAs, as you cannot message them in Zoom when they are in a breakout room.