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Academic Liaisons

Academic Liaisons by School / College

Your School or Colleges’ Academic Liaison is a new resource with Texas A&M’s transition to Canvas. Each Dean has identified at least one Academic Liaison per School/College. This group is going through training and networking with each other to ensure they can be of assistance to you during the Canvas implementation and beyond. Your Academic Liaison (or AL for short) can assist you during the transition from Blackboard to Canvas by troubleshooting issues with Canvas tools and features, applying online course design and facilitation best practices, and assisting with content import.

School/College  Academic Liaison 1  Academic Liaison 2 
Agriculture & Life Sciences  Vidya Patil  
Architecture  Steve Johnson  
Mays School of Business Ben Haymond Jon Jasperson
College of Dentistry Carmina Castro  
College of Education & Human Development  Jere Liu Amy McLaughlin
College of Engineering Ted Seidel Gerry Pedraza
College of Geosciences LaVonne Grandy   
Bush School of Govt & Public Service  Lisa Brown Rebecca Burgner
School of Law David Dye Xiyao Huang
College of Liberal Arts Shweta Kailani  
College of Medicine Jennifer Maldonado-Castillo  
College of Nursing Kris Wuensche  
College of Pharmacy Gilbert Reyna  
School of Public Health Patty Luna-Arvizu  
College of Science Kim Ritchie Joanna Pellois
College of Vet Med Tim Ponder Laura Hammons
Galveston Gerald Hughes Martha Lopez
Qatar Miklos Kovacs  

Academic Liaison Definition

Course Roles


Process for Assigning Course Roles in Canvas

Assigning associated course roles in Canvas will be handled by Department Schedulers based on the information in the table below. If you do not know your department scheduler, email the Academic Innovation Service Desk at PAAs will only be used if security roles need to be assigned.
canvas process

Banner Table Description in Banner LMS Course Role Code
Associate on SWASECT - AC_LG LMS Grader Grader
Associate on SWASECT - AC_LT LMS Lead Teaching Assistant TA Lead
Associate on SWASECT - AC_TA LMS Teaching Assistant TA
Associate on SWASECT - AC_LO LMS Course Observer Observer
Instructor from SSASECT with primary indicator checked  LMS Teacher (IOR) Primary Instructor is the term used in Banner Teacher
Instructor from SSASECT NOT marked primary  LMS Alternate Teacher Alternate Teacher
Associate on SWASECT -AC_CD LMS Course Designer Designer
Comes from SFRSTCR and shows students enrolled in each course. LMS Student - Enrolled Student is the term used in Banner Student
Associate on SWASECT - AC_GR Final Grade Submissions Grades Submitter

Getting Access to Canvas

There are multiple roles and ways to be granted access to courses in Canvas.  User roles can be categorized as administrative, teaching, or associate.  To be granted access users will need to work with either their Primary Authorizing Agent (PAA) or their departmental schedulers.  Here is a brief explanation of how to be granted access to each role. 

Permissions by Course Role

Permissions Auditor Student Teacher Alternate Teacher TA Lead TA Grades Submitter Grader Designer Observer
Analytics - view pages     X X X X        
Announcements - view X X X X X X     X X
Assignments and Quizzes - add / edit / delete     X X X X     X  
Canvas Insights (Beta) - View     X X            
Conversations - send messages to entire class     X X X X     X  
Conversations - send messages to individual course members   X X X X X     X  
Course Calendar - add / edit / delete events     X X X X     X  
Course Content - add / edit / delete     X X X X     X  
Course Files - add / edit / delete     X X X X     X  
Course Sections - add / edit / delete                    
Course State - manage     X X X X        
Courses - change visibility     X X X X     X  
Courses - view usage reports     X X X X     X  
Discussions - create   X X X X X     X  
Discussions - moderate     X X X X     X  
Discussions - post   X X X X X     X  
Discussions - view X X X X X X   X X X
Grades - edit     X X X X X X    
Grades - select final grade for moderation     X X X X X      
Grades - view all grades     X X X X X X    
Grades - view audit trail     X X            
Groups - add / edit / delete     X X X X     X  
Groups - view all student groups   X X X X X   X X  
LTI - add / edit / delete                    
Learning Outcomes - add / edit / delete     X X X       X  
Learning Outcomes - import     X X X       X  
Manage Pages - add / edit / delete     X X X X   X X  
Question banks - view and link     X X X X     X  
Rubrics - add / edit / delete     X X X X     X  
SIS Data - read                    
Student Collaborations - create                    
Users - add / remove students in courses                    
Users - add / remove teachers, course designers, or TAs in courses                    
Users - generate observer pairing codes for students                    
Users - view list   X X X X X X X X  
Users - view login IDs                    
Users - view primary email address     X X X X        
Web Conferences - create